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This is a sample of my most recent work done while managing costume shops, designing, or working wardrobe. I have assisted with fittings, pulled rentals, performed numerous alterations, altered patterns, draped, made my own patterns, cut out patterns and fabric for costumes, helped maintain wigs, performed quick changes, and much more. I also maintain the paperwork that goes along with shop management or wardrobe management - dressing lists, laundry lists, putting the bible together, keeping track of the budget, etc. 
I truly enjoy every aspect that is involved in creating a costume - from start to finish no matter what role I am in! 
Costume Designer A Raisin in The Sun 


Costume Designer  
Bay Street Theater |  A Raisin In The Sun 2019​


As Costume Designer of A Raisin In the Sun I made sure to use my resources wisely and was able to pull from stock, purchase and construct some costume pieces all while keeping within budget. I ordered some vintage 1950's pieces and used African Fabric in order for the costumes to be authentic. I tried to use certain colors popular in the late 1950's to help express the characters and made sure they melded well with the scenery. 

Costume Shop Manager Bay Street Theater 


Costume Shop Manager  
Bay Street Theater |  Summer Stock 2019​


As Costume Shop Manager I worked closely with the designers of each show to make sure the costumes were produced in a timely manner. I trained the interns in the shop, made sure all wardrobe needs were met, assisted with fittings, helped pull rentals, and constructed costumes. The 4 main-stage shows were The Prompter, Safe Space, My Witch, and Annie Get Your Gun. There was also an outdoor show called The R&J Project. 

Wardrobe Supervisor In The Mood 


In The Mood 
National Tour  | Wardrobe Supervisor  | 2019


In my role as Wardrobe Supervisor I performed all the fittings, did alterations, dressed and performed quick changes for the women singers and dancers, and maintained the wigs and costumes for the duration of tour (laundry, steamed, ironed, etc.). It was very fast-paced and there was always a costume that needed fixing, but I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of tour life. 

Costume Designer Winnie The Pooh 


Winnie The Pooh 
The Alden Theatre | Costume Designer | 2018 - 2019 


As the costume designer for this children's production I made sure to use my resources wisely and mainly pulled from the stock available to keep within the budget. I also purchased some small accessories and made Kangas apron, hat, and Piglet's dress. The look was 1920's inspired and the characters somewhat represented animals through their costume choice and accessories. 

Workroom Supervisor Sewing Studio 


Workroom Supervisor 
Marilyn Johnson Sewing Design Studio  | 2018 - 2019 


As the Workroom Supervisor at the Sewing Studio I oversaw all the alterations, handed them out, and made sure they got done in time. I also assisted with fittings and worked on the custom designs that the shop brought in - there was costumes for film, cosplay costumes, halloween costumes, etc. I helped drape, pattern, and cut the custom designs. 

Costume Supervisor and Designer 
Busch Gardens Williamsburg  | 2016 - 2018 


My first year at Busch Gardens I was the Costume Production Supervisor and I did all the fittings for the shows and handed out all the alterations. I was then switched over to the Costume Operations Supervisor and was in charge of the purchasing and keeping track of the budget. During my time at Busch Gardens I also designed 2 shows - OktoberZest and NightBeats Re-Vamped.

Costume Supervisor and Designer BGW


Costume Shop Supervisor Kings Dominion


Kings Dominion
Theme Park, Doswell, VA | Costume Shop Supervisor, Designer, etc. | 2015-2016 

As Costume Shop Supervisor of Kings Dominion for a year, I had my hand in numerous projects. I had to oversee all the costumes in the park: shows, Haunt, the Costume characters, for events, etc. This includes measurements, fittings, alterations, and laundry. I took care of the operations, such as making the schedule and the production aspect, such as designing shows.

Wardrobe Assistant The Nutcracker


The Nutcracker
The Connecticut Ballet Center | Wardrobe Assistant |

As Wardrobe Assistant for The Nutcracker I helped the Wardrobe Supervisor with all her duties. The cast was quite large and it was just the Supervisor and I and a couple of volunteer parents helping to sew. I assisted with fittings, tagged and organized the costumes and performed numerous alterations in order to get the hundreds of costumes ready

Stitcher/Wardrobe Dogwood Dell


Dogwood Dell
Festival of the Arts- Richmond, VA | 2015

This is a summer stock community theater Festival that takes place every summer. They performed 2 shows: Arsenic and Old Lace and Spamalot. There were also other events such as dance performances and concerts in which I helped with wardrobe a bit. I assisted with the wardrobe for the 2 shows mainly. I performed alterations and worked wardrobe backstage, assisting with numerous quick changes for Spamalot.

Costume Designer Clybourne Park 


Clybourne Park
SCAD Lucas Theater | Costume Designer | MFA Thesis | 2015

For my MFA Thesis I was fortunate enough to be able to costume design a play from start to finish. I compiled a production book full of reserach, sketches, measurements, and a costume plot. I also kept track of the budget and was able to fully drape and desgin a housedress for Bev and a maternity ensemble for Betsy. Act 1 is set in 1959 and Act 2 is set in 2009.